Anastasia Starovoitova
Was born on November 10, 1973 in Arkhangelsk.
In 1998 graduated from the Kiev State University of. T.Shevchenka (cybernetics faculty, economy faculty)
From 1996 to 2002 headed a number of the companies in large investment holding.
In 2003 graduated from the Moscow International school of design majoring in "interior design", trained in London Chelsea College of Art&Design and in Paris L’Ecole Boulle.
Member of MCX. Since 2003 on the present is engaged in painting, design of interiors and their registration in Russia and abroad.

Personal exhibitions

2008 Moscow. art gallery "Mozaica".
2009 Berlin. Russian house. "All about ornamental shrubs".
2012 Moscow. ".IT", ARTPLAY.
Group exhibitions

2009 Moscow. art gallery "Mozaica". Old-new.
2010 Moscow. Central house of the artist, "Russia leaving".
2011 Moscow. Yachts club, "Circle water".

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