BIOGRAPHY: Was born in 1971 in Moscow
1988 Graduated from children's art school of Krasnopresnensky district. 1988 It was exposed in the district exhibition center. 1990 Ц goes to Paris. 1991-1993 Ц studies at the Higher National School of Applied Art and Crafts. (Paris) Diploma of the trainee. 1993-1995 Ц Academy of Fine Arts in Versailles. The diploma about the termination. At the same time trains in Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. Х 1996 Ц return to Russia to St. Petersburg. Х Since 1997 Ц the member of the Moscow union of artists. Lives and works in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


Х 1993 Ц Participates in the Exhibition of the Russian artists in the Trade Mission of Russia in Paris.
Х 1994 Ц It is exposed together with the father, Anatoly Slepyshev in the Russian consulate in Marseille.
Х 1994 Ц participates in an exhibition in the Pushkin House in Paris.
Х 1995 Ц Participation in the Return address exhibition in the Museum of Mail in Paris.
Х 1995 Ц Participation in an exhibition of UNESCO. Paris
Х 1997 Ц Summer garden. Tea lodge. St. Petersburg.
Х 2000 Ц M'Ars gallery. Moscow.
Х 2000 - "The old City". Palitra gallery. St. Petersburg.
Х 2001 - "The city on a canvas and not only" - Showroom "On Taganka". Moscow.
Х 2002 - "The old City". Art-Kollegiya gallery. St. Petersburg.
Х 2002 - A3 gallery. Moscow
Х 2003 - "The old City". Expo-88 gallery. Moscow.
Х 2003 - "The old City". Rossiyskgo's festival of cinema Mr. Onfler. France.
Х 2003 - Biennial of Modern Iskusstvayu Malta.
Х 2004 - "City in the Old City". Borey gallery. St. Petersburg.
Х 2004 - "The old City" at the Festival of the St. Petersburg galleries. TsVZ Arena. St. Petersburg.
Х 2004 - "City for two". A3 gallery. Moscow.
Х 2004 - participation in the charity auction "Transaction Nadezhda". Moscow.
Х 2004 - participation in the charity auction "Operation Smile". Moscow.
Х 2005 - participation in the charity auction "Operation Smile". Moscow.
Х 2008 - December. Participation in an anniversary exhibition of A3 gallery "20 years - Frivolous anniversary". Moscow.
Х 2011 - April. Sessions of the Moscow artists in A3 gallery. Eighth season. "GLORY to WORK".
Х 2013 - July "City for three". Nastya Slepysheva, Sasha Korolyov and Dmitry Egorovsky's exhibition


Х 2007 - September. Personal exhibition. Library of arts of A. P. Bogolyubov. Moscow.
Х 2007 - November. A personal exhibition in the Art cellar "Stray dog". St. Petersburg.
Х 2010 - November. A personal exhibition in the art project of EXPO-88 gallery "Big French travel"
Х 2016 - September. Personal exhibition "My Windows", Lega gallery, Moscow

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