Pyanov Denis Valeryevich
Was born in 1978 Member of Labor Union of Artists; Creative Union of Artists of Russia and International Federation of Artists Studied at the Moscow Institute of Restoration Art, MGPU and other educational institutions. Scientific degree: candidate. фил. sciences The winner of an award of philosophical faculty of the Moscow State University "Lomonosovart 2011", awarded for intellectual achievements in the modern art.
Works are in museum, private and corporate collections of Russia, Europe, the USA, Canada and the Republic of South Africa. The participant of numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including on such platforms, as TsDH, Winery, the Arena, Art Tishinka, Krokus-Expo, the Zverevsky Center of the Modern Art, etc.

To cause such emotions which don't have compliance in household life experience of the person – here, according to Denis Pyanov, the real problem of art. Results of its decision especially are interesting that in an arsenal of the artist there are most various genres: abstraction, nu, landscape, still life. In many respects, Denis Pyanov's works, – fruits of long-term research by the author of the abstract nature of esthetic experience by means of art. From here – special attention to a problem of formation of an artistic image and a work formality. The emphasis on a worthiness of movement of a brush, musical accuracy in work with color distinguish works of the artist. Denis Pyanov is the recognized expert in the field of semiotics and art psychology, the active figure on restoration of uniform cultural information space of Russia.

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