Kurkina Elena Ivanovna Was born in 1955 in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Land Use Engineers. Architect. Member of the TLC of Russia, member of the Moscow Union of Artists. She was award-ed the medal "In memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow". Lives and works in Moscow. She studied painting first at IA Vereshchagina and VV Kireeva, then at E.N. Nenastina (continues and now), works and studies in the workshop of VI. Babina.

He regularly participates in various exhibi-tions in Moscow: Moscow and Muscovites, Art of Today, Creative Wednesdays, Christmas on Be-govaya, Christmas on Tverskaya-Yamskaya, etc.
2010 - DK "Zodchiye", the exhibition "Light".
2016 - DK "Zodchiye" exhibition "Space behind the canvas".
2016 - Lavrushinsky, 15th exhibition "PROTSvet".
2016 - gallery "LEGA" exhibition "Picturesque constructions".

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