BIOGRAPHY: Ispiryan Vachagan
was born on, 1978 in Armenia.
Vachagan continued on as faculty of painting (1994-2001) at Art collage of P. Terlemezyan.

He has several solo exhibitions and experiences that have taken him around the world.

2003 - Artist’s Union, Group Exhibition, Yerevan, Armenia
2004 - Group Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2005 - Group Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2006 - Group Exhibition, San Francisco, USA
2007 - Group Exhibition, San Francisco, USA

2001 - Personal Exhibition, Los Angeles, USA
2002 - Personal Exhibition, Arabian Emirates
2004 - Personal Exhibition, Sochi
2004 - Personal Exhibition, Arabian Emirates

His works can be found in personal collections of more than 50 countries. Including USA, Russia, Arabian Emirates, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England, Libanon, Canada, China, Armenia and in other countries

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