Grechanik Alexsandr

Was born in Moscow on June 5, 1955. In 1980 with honors finished the Moscow art school Memory of 1905. Its thesis was recognized as the best work of year. Since 1981 worked as the artist- projector in combine dioramic and model and artworks of the Moscow city organization of art fund RSFSR. The most part of projects of A.Grechanik was noted by diplomas of the Union of artists of Russia. In Moscow on a subject V. Vysotsky's Memory the author received the II place for the project of registration of Taganskaya Square on USSR. During the same time entered the Moscow Union of Artists. Classical education affected early works. They were written in a realistic manner. More it is still lifes and landscape painting. From same year Alexander was the constant participant of the All-Russia and zone youth exhibitions which passed in the central showrooms of Moscow (An arena, Kuznetsky Bridge etc.). Gradually at the artist own style started to be formed. Grechanik called it Intuitive symbolism. Since 1984 it started to expose the works in the "well-known" gallery of artists nonconformists on Small Georgian. Since August, 1990 lived in Israel. Worked as the artist on archeology at university of a name of Ben Gurion. Became the member of the international association of artists of UNESCO. Carried out a number of personal exhibitions in Tel Aviv (Grossman's gallery), in Jerusalem (municipality), in Beersheba ("Museum of Modern Art", municipality). Took part in an exhibition of artists emigrants in London (Art gallery of the modern art). Since 1995 lives in Moscow. Enters the creative union of Artists of Russia. Carries out a number of personal exhibitions (Belyaevo's gallery Nashchyokin's House, ASTI gallery, gallery at the government of Russia "Pine", the Moscow fund of culture etc.).
In 2000, works of the artist were noted by Academy of Fine arts of Paris. Same year there is a series of films of the director of Irina Bakhtina about the artists living abroad (M. Shemyakin, E.Neizvestny, A.Brussilovsky, A.Grechanik). Films are broadcast worldwide Germany, America, Australia, Israel.
EXHIBITIONS: In May, 2008, works of the artist take part in the international auction in Vienna "DOROTEUM". Auction name Classics of modern painting of the XX century. Since 2009 ceased to take part in exhibitions. Continued to develop the theory Associative realism. In 2012 there was an idea of creation of space for the pictures united by the theory of associative realism. There is a project Heavenly lift.

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